Intro to our Moodle

1. What is the CCH Moodle

What is a Moodle

Moodle is the brand name for the specific learning management system we are using. So when we talk about our Moodle we mean our online “learning management system”.

Our Moodle consists of many web pages which make up our Moodle. Within those web pages we have course instructions, resources, activities and assignments. 

Moodle navigation can initially be a bit of a problem for some users because:

  • There are different Moodle themes so not all Moodles look the same.
  • Not all Moodles are used for the same or similar purposes.
  • There are several different navigation options.
  • There is a ‘’site home” screen and also ‘’user home’’ screens within any Moodle.  

Once you get the "hang" of where you are in the Moodle and how you navigate a Moodle site or course, it's not hard.

The more you use Moodle the easier it will become to navigate around. In my experience, if you get into trouble, use the breadcrumb trail to help you go back to a course or home. The breadcrumb trail appears in a band at the upper part of the screen page and looks like this. On our Moodle it is below our logo.

Showing Bread crumb line in a Moodle

To navigate our Moodle you will need to learn to follow the breadcrumbs and also to use the back and forward "browser" arrows. Let's look at browser arrows now.

(NOTE: At present you are in a Moodle "book" which can have chapters and pages just like a paper book. Use the arrow on the RHS of this book to go to the next page.)

This book can be printed. 

To print - go to the Administration Block and in the Book Administration section - select "Print this chapter" or  "PRINT book".

Please note the this book is best viewed online as you get the full benefits of its interactivity. Eg. Videos and interactive web pages that are embedded within the book.